“Crackers” Stirs Up South Amboy

New Jersey based Exit 135 Productions filmed a new independent short film, “Crackers” in South Amboy from Sept. 13-17 at Henry’s Raritan Barber Shop, and Marconi Photography Studio, both located on Bordentown Ave., South Amboy.

“Crackers,” was written by newbie writers Timothy Reinhardt and Gregory Principato. “Although I have been in the film business for over 16 years, mainly working in the camera department, I have yet to write a story of my own that I can be proud of, that is until now,” Greg explains when asked about the script. Co-writer Tim adds, “Working with Greg was an incredibly creativeandenjoyableexperience. Honestly, the writing came easily because we share a similar comedic style. It also helped that we pulled a lot of the material from real-life experiences and people we know.”

“Crackers” is a dark comedy about an Italian chef named Gus whose life is turned upside down after a mishap during a Sunday dinner, when Jack, his father in law, chokes to death on an ossobuco bone. Gus is happy livinginhissmallparadisesurroundedbyhis youngerwife,hisvibrantgarden,hiskitchen, and his opera music. This all changes when his overbearing, loud, large and obnoxious mother in law Bidelia invades his home. Gus slowly loses his paradise and his sanity as Bidelia methodically destroys everything that is sacred to him.

The initial idea for this fictional story began about 10 years ago, after a trip to New Orleans and a tour of some of the haunted spots throughout the French Quarter. After years of mulling it over and changing the plot a few times, Gregory finally teamed up with Timothy Reinhardt and completed the script within a few short months.

The movie stars Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent), Brenda Vaccaro (You Don’t Know Jack), Anthony Laciura (Boardwalk Empire/MET Opera Singer), Dan Hedaya (Cheers), Sal Richards (comedian/entertainer), Beth Ann Bonner (One Life To Live), and premiering the young Vincent Mora.

Mr.Principatohascarefullyselectedthis all-star cast with many of the roles written specifically for the chosen actor. Although this is his first short narrative, Gregory Principato,haddirectedbefore,mostrecentlythe award-winning documentary, “Mr. Laughs, A Look Behind the Curtain.”

The producers plan to shop the film around by showcasing it at various high-profile film festivals, both local and international. For more information about the film, check out the website: http://crackersthemovie.com.

Note: Henry “The Barber” Rinkewich was a very proud and happy man that his business, Henry’s Raritan Barber Shop was selected as one of the locations for the shoot. He said that someone stopped at City Hall looking for a barber shop in South Amboy, and his place was recommended by a lady who worked there. Henry said that, “The people from the movie came in and looked around,andlovedmyantiqueclocks,andwe signed a contract for them to use the building for one day.” The shooting continued for another four days at a business/residence on Bordentown Ave., Marconi Photography Studio.